Create impact with an entrepreneurial approach to research translation

Join us at a January workshop (5th - FULL, 11th, 17th, 25th) filled with inspiration, action, and information about the how to submit a strong application for £62,500 innovation funding from UKRI

Our workshop on Wednesday 11th January will focus on answering questions from early career researcher applicants.


Zinc Catalyst Ads Video 5

UKRI and Zinc have partnered to create a new way of applying for research awards. The UKRI Healthy Ageing Catalyst Awards offer £62,500 and a proven programme of support from Zinc that allows entrepreneurial researchers to translate their research and create impact beyond academia.

This workshop is a hands-on chance for you to discover how to prepare a strong application for the Awards.

We are looking for researchers from across the academic spectrum to bring new perspectives to the Awards. Join us for one of the sessions to:

1. Hear from current and previous Awardees about the benefits of Zinc's programme of support for you and for translating your research into impactful products and services.

2. Learn through an interactive session how to take an entrepreneurial, problem-led approach to improve the quality of later life.

3. Discover how to create a strong expression of interest for the Catalyst Awards.


Joining the workshop will prepare you for the Awards application process. If you are considering making an application, we strongly recommended that you attend.

Sign up today to give yourself an opportunity to access this new funding and expand your perspective on turning research into action.