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Next breakfast: WEDNESDAY 1ST MARCH 

Join Zinc for our  Climate/Environment Tech Investors Breakfasts

In Partnership with Julie Blane

We'd like to invite you to our Euston HQ to grow your network of likeminded investors and dive into the opportunities you're seeing in this space.

It's time to act to transform our planet's future

Having launched our next mission - to transform the industries that have the most impact on the environment - we're bringing together climate-focused investors to voice their insights into the most pressing opportunity areas.

Together with Julie Blane, Visiting Fellow at Zinc and active in a variety of sustainability sectors including urbantech, climatetech, healthtech and edtech, we're inviting investors from across the industry to come together to:

1) Help us gather where you think there are gaps and opportunities to build innovative solutions.

2) Meet other like-minded investors who are funding the next wave of solutions that tackle our environmental crisis.  

The next breakfast in March will focus on women founders of climate tech startups. 

Event timings: 

8:30am Breakfast & networking

9:00am Welcome and sub-group discussions

9:45am Networking

10:00am Finish 

If you can't attend this date, please register your interest here and we'll let you know when the next one is happening.

About Zinc

Zinc unites talented individuals from around the world to solve societies biggest problems, then supports them to build globally impactful businesses from scratch. For our fifth Venture Builder, we are searching for 70 people who will become the next wave of mission-driven entrepreneurs to lead change and solving the problems outlined in our manifesto

Our next mission focuses on transforming the industries that have the most impact on our environmental crisis. This means we're particularly looking for people with experience in: farming, fishing and food; transport; construction and building operations; and manufacturing and supply chains.

Our Founders come from a diverse range of personal, professional and educational backgrounds; you might attend a meet and greet with business and tech innovators, researchers and scientists, practitioners, public service professionals and creatives, all of whom are passionate about this mission. At Zinc,  we offer talented people the time, space and connections they need to build a new commercial, mission-driven business from scratch. 



Zinc Mission 4 Manifesto

Mission Manifesto

Our Founders are driven to solve societies biggest problems. Read the manifesto for our next mission and learn about the areas where you could have impact.

View our Manifesto

Contact: fran@zinc.vc